My name is Tofor. I am a lover of beer. Well really it goes beyond love and into obsessive fanaticism. Ten or so years ago I started cataloging every beer I drank. Sometimes just mental notes and sometimes a picture and some thoughts. I’ve decided to start a more personal and in-depth examination of the beer I drink and use stand out beers from the craft brewing scene, across North America and beyond, to highlight certain tastes and niches. This blog will deviate into the world of coffee, whisky and cigars from time to time as well, when I find something worth while to note. I hope to share my thoughts with others but I’m not going to follow the typical beer review sites instead I will focus on recommending beers to an audience new to the craft beer revolution. I will also talk about local venues, pubs or cafes I’ve visited around the world as I’m often traveling. Welcome.

5 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Tof, I am so very proud of you! Your detailed descriptions and obvious love of the craft make my mouth water with anticipation. I especially want to try that champagne brut/beer the next time we are together. That feels like something I would really enjoy. It is so satsfying to see you putting your passion to paper. Beer, it does a man good.
    Love you,

  2. Tofinater! You are a sexy B!! I wanna be on your beard all day. Just sit there. Wipe food crumbs out of it with a comb I fashioned out of fine cedar.

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