En Stoemelings: Cuvee Houdini

As part of my “soon” to be released thoughts on a “recent” trip to Belgium I thought I would do a quicker write-up, about a lovely beer from a lovely new brewery located in Brussels, that might help clear my mind.

En Stoemelings is the most recent brewery to startup within Brussels. Sandwiched between parks and train stations in the Marolles neighborhood in southwest Brussels; En Stoemelings is a small space with a 250L system that is cooking up some amazing bottle conditioned beers.

Sam, Denys and their crew have created some very exceptional recipes and are already producing some very high quality beer after a short “start-up” stint in their home kitchens. Having tasted several of their offerings I can say they bring a marvelous and subtle touch with their takes on modern and old styles. For example their “BBQ Beer” was a take on mass produced light beer and it had some of the most interesting tasting notes on a beer I think I’ve ever had.

Many North American drinkers could use some eye-opening on subtle beer and Brussels is a great place to experience that. And in that focus En Stoemelings is king as their small img_20160903_174931direct-fired system is capable of imparting lovely caramel notes into every batch and bottle conditioning allows them to create such perfect soft texture to accentuate any style.

Cuvee Houdini is an amber beer that has orange peel, lemon peel and coriander added in the boil making for an interesting but gently spiced beer. Malt forward, this beer has a nose of caramel and hints of spice and some gentle yeast esters. The coriander and peel leave a gentle hint on the palate (not over bearing like the coriander bombs coming out of the west coast of Canada) playing with yeast esters to bring out an almost cherry like finish. This beer focuses mostly on the malt and is exceptional at that.

So if you ever find yourself in Brussels please do yourself a favour and check out this small, friendly, brewery, it’ll be worth a stop in I promise.



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