Evil Twin Brewing: Retro/Modern IPA

Evil Twin seems to love brewing beer with a twist, their three beer Yin and Yang series is a perfect example of the black and tan with a new age twist. But I’m not here to discuss their previous series let’s take a look at the latest two beer series starring Retro IPA and Modern IPA.

Pretty low risk style to pick to do a series with, as IPAs are the current market monster and every brewer pretty much has to have something hoppy on offer, but I like what Evil Twin has done with these. They are great beers to have side by side to compare and contrast how 10 years of market popularity has shaped the India Pale Ale.

IMG_20160404_122845    Retro IPA tastes pretty close to what I remember the west coast IPAs tasted like around 2005 even maybe a little “dogfish head 60 minute” type profile. Retro is balanced toward malt flavours with the hops being not only more timid but also less tropical and more grassy and earthy. Lots of great malt notes, mainly biscuit and some caramel, balance out a gentle, steady and non-dynamic hop wave. From a clarity standpoint this beer is absolutely clean and clear no chunks, resin or sediment of any kind. This beer would be a perfect IPA to give to someone who currently prefers more malt forward beer styles such as brown ales or even scotch ales as its timid hop character still adds a decent change up to a maltier style of beer.

IMG_20160325_141451    Modern IPAs profile is something I have come to absolutely treasure in almost any form. When fresh modern and experimental hops are on the bill, I am in. Galaxy, Mosaic, Citra, Simcoe, Nelson and a plethora experimental hops from growing regions around the world, are the new stars of these modern IPAs. Brewed most frequently, and successfully, in the north east of the USA these hazy and aromatic brews really bring the goods, especially in the aroma department, and the Evil Twin offering is quite a decent example. Even just opening the can is an experience; expect waves of hop character on the nose and palate with a nice resinous and lingering bitterness on the finish. Innocuous malt character but enough to offer some sweetness to cut the hops, and that’s it.

Another point about the pair; these beers come in 4-packs of cans the way the good lord intended as they are not meant to be aged in any way. The finest purveyors of beer may have even pre-packaged the pair in a mixed pack just for you, the consumer, so go forth and imbibe!



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