24 Days of Christmas – Day 23

Oh yes! Evil Twin Brewing! Low Life! This is probably the best pilsner style beer I’ve ever had. Evil Twin is closely tied to the Danish brewer, Mikkeller. I believe they’re brothers or possibly even twins?! Either way both breweries make some of the best beer in the world. Evil Twin is based out of Boston and hence their inclusion in the North American Advent Calendar despite being owned by Danes.

Oh. My. GOD!

Oh. My. GOD!

What made this beer so exciting? Well it takes a lot to do something special with a lager/pilnser style beer. Pilsner uses pilsner malts in the brewing process, pilsner malts are exceptionally light roasted malts and so they tend to render less flavour to the drink. Combine the light roasted malts with the bottom fermenting yeast required of the style and you’ve got a real challenge on your hands as a brewer. What’s the challenge? Well, it’s rendering any interesting or dynamic flavour at all into the beer. Ales top ferment, which means when the beer is fermenting out in primary all the lovely yeast is at the top and this tends to give ales a nice yeasty flavour, easily, as the spent yeast has to travel through the entire brew to settle at the bottom. With bottom fermented beer(lager or pilsner) the yeast is already at the bottom so it’s harder to get any interesting yeast profile. The brewer is then left to do crazy hopping or add adjunct sugars to the beer to make it different or interesting. I’m not sure exactly what Evil Twin did here but I can tell you it’s an absolute delight. Fruity, well rounded, well hopped and interesting this beer pours with a great foamy head and wonderful aroma. A dry finish, typical of the style, leaves you wanting another sip. I believe this beer is already available in Alberta please go pick it up and try it as it’s wonderful. Cheers! WCBL.

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