24 Days of Christmas – Days 13 14 15 16

Oh My GOD. Sorry for the lack of updates but a serious load of IRL stuff held me up from updating. I’m four days behind but there’s not much too exciting to report, unfortunately. The star of the lot was Peak Organic from Maine with their offering, Espresso Amber Ale. A relatively clear pouring beer, considering espresso beer tends to use darker malts. It was decently hopped as well so it had great character on the finish. I really hope they end up coming to Alberta because it’s awesome stuff. From their website I would be really interested in their King Crimson Imperial Red Ale.

Saturday’s offering was an Imperial Stout from Nickle Brook Brewing, again, called Bolshevik Bastard. It was a reasonable bog standard imperial stout that I would drink again but did not bring anything too exciting to the table. I was hoping for something more exciting hop wise or maybe barrel aged but Bolshevik Bastard was far from terrible.IMG_1230

Sunday’s beer was from Hollow Point a gun obsessed brewer out of Connecticut with a decently reasonable facsimile of a Belgian quad called The Perfect Crime. While it ticked all the boxes required of a Belgian quad it didn’t really bring anything unique to the table. I enjoyed it but still nothing amazing. IMG_1232

Today’s beer is Lake of Bays Brewing Crosswind Pale Ale. I can taste the potential of this unfiltered, drinkable pale brew but I suspect it was much more hop forward than it currently tastes. That said I am more excited about these breweries offerings becoming available in Alberta in the future than I am about how they currently taste. Fresh beer is the best beer 99% of the time. It is not really that often that a beer will taste better with age though there are some exceptions as my beer fridge can attest. Cheers! WCBL.

2 thoughts on “24 Days of Christmas – Days 13 14 15 16

  1. Cheers! I’ve enjoyed your tasting notes on the beers, your tastes seem pretty similar to mine. I agree that a number of the beers are quite acceptable, but nothing extraordinary. My personal favorite so far is the Amber Ale from Cameron’s Brewing. Alas, it is not available in Alberta according to Liquor Connect on the web at least.

    Not to be too picky, but the Day #14 selection, Expresso Amber Ale from Peak Brewing is actually from Portland, MAINE rather than Oregon.

    All the best, Bob

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