24 Days of Christmas – Day 17

Hello beer drinkers! Today’s offering comes from a brewer that I am familiar with, Ruckus. Their Hoptimus Prime DIPA is the American brewer’s flagship bomber and is something to look for. It is slightly less balanced toward hops so it’s a really nice beginner DIPA or just all around solid beer. The beer in the advent calendar today is a red ale called Hedonism. It has a pretty sexy label if you’re reading from the old folks home, but I kinda like it.IMG_1235

The beer is balanced to malt, unfiltered, well carbonated and has a nice smooth finish. I really liked this offering from Ruckus and I’d really like to try their other beer Euphoria, which is a Belgian style tripel, hopefully it will end up in Alberta soon. For those of you playing along at home without an advent I would suggest looking into local offerings from Calgary’s big rock brewing. While not exactly the same style I think big rock’s McNally’s Extra is similar and weather appropriate. Peace, WCBL!

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