24 Days of Christmas – Day 11

Whew. Another IPA. This time from Coastal Extreme, again. Hmmm. I think there is something off about this beer. I believe it has sat too long. One of the disadvantages of packaging a box like this so early before consumption is the loss of flavours. Hop forward beers like IPA need to be consumed as close to their brew dates as possible in order to maximize their hop potency and taste the brewers intended profile; as hop flavours fade surprisingly rapidly even in a bottle. IMG_0272I noticed that something might be off upon opening the bottle as I popped the cap a waft of plastic smelling air came up at me. I poured hoping it would fade as this nicely carbonated beer settled a little. It did not. Maybe it was the hops used maybe it was the age but this beer smelled and tasted of plastic. The bottle itself looked fine the cap was nice and tight I didn’t notice any signs of infection but something was amiss. I hope others enjoyed this beer I just could not get over that initial smell. To the internet, to find out what others thought. Let’s hope for no more stinkers! WCBL.

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