24 Days of Christmas – Day 9

Yeeee Haaaaa! A Californian IPA my favourite! And one I haven’t heard of or tried, even better! This absolute delight is brought to us by the hard-working men and women at Tap It Brewing located in, I’m sure lovely, San Luis Obispo kinda west central California. As you all know this style is my weakness and when I popped the top on this bad-ass brew I knew I was in for a tasty treat.IMG_1225

Chinese mandarin oranges abound in the nose and a nice chewy body carries a decent amount of hop bitterness, balanced toward the citrus side of things, with a wonderful slight vanilla flavour to round everything out on the malt side. This beer is certainly a gem and I really enjoyed it. Taking my personal bias toward IPAs aside this is a quality brew through and through. It takes some balls to bring an entry to the over crowded IPA segment but Tap It has brought a unique enough twist to this hot style with their subtlety and balance. I think there’s a decent amount of residual sugar that is lending the slightly sweet finish but because of the hoppy character it didn’t displease me at all. Happy Monday indeed! For those of you playing along without a calendar; try looking for Lagunitas Sucks(the orange crush of IPAs), which should be here in February, Deschutes Red Chair(sweeter and balanced to malt) and Phillips ISA(punchy and easy drinking). WCBL over and out.

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