24 Days of Christmas – Day 8

IMG_1224Alright, Lake of Bays Brewing Company Spark House Red Ale. A red ale is an ale that contains malts that render flavour as well as colour to a brew in this case, red. For example dark crystal malts can lend a red colour to beer and while I’m not sure what malts Lake of Bays used I find it is sometimes difficult to balance exactly what you want with your recipe with head retention, mouth feel, flavour, colour, strength, bitterness etc all being considered in the end product. While I found this offering to be a solid beer it had a funny flavour that I just couldn’t place. I’m not sure if it was the malts used that I’m not particularly fond of but this beer was a pass for me. It wasn’t sink worthy but it wasn’t up to the par set by yesterdays delight. Keeping in mind there are only a few reds that I enjoy. The Parallel 49 collaboration Red Eye comes to mind. Good beer is good, but good beer that brings something unique to the table is better. Let’s hope tomorrow brings something more exciting, happy Sunday night everyone, cheers, WCBL.

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