24 Days of Christmas – Day 7

Wow! Stillwater Artisanal Existent American Farmhouse Ale. While this particular brett beer is exceptionally well balanced it is quite exciting for the less advanced beer drinkers to try something so different. When I refer to brett beer I am, of course, referring to IMG_1222brettanomyces a type of wild yeast that once exposed to beer creates a very interesting flavour and consumes the sugars, especially complex sugars, in beer slightly differently than regular beer yeast. What does this mean for the drinker? Well it can produce several things, radically different flavours for one including; esters, bananas, berries, grass, horseyness and a wild woodsy type flavour. I suspect this particular beer used different sugar, I tasted molasses, in its processing as well as darker malts to help meld the unusually strong taste brett can render into something more approachable, and it is really quite nice. I personally think this beer is the best of the lot so far so it’s going to get a gold star. For those of you playing along at home I believe Stillwater’s offerings are already here in Edmonton and are available at Sherbrooke Liquor aka my second home. If you want to try some even more exciting brett beers look for Mikkeller’s AK ALIVE or Invasion Farmhouse IPA. Those two beers will show the drinker the extremes of wild yeast. Holiday cheers everyone! WCBL.

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