24 Days Of Christmas – Day 6

Yes! My Christmas wish from yesterday came true this beer is much better than the day 5 offering. A delightful seasonal from Canmore’s own Grizzly Paw called Moose Knuckle Winter Stout. Touted as a sweet stout this little gem has a good depth to its malty-ness. I was a little worried about the sweetness but found the aftertaste to be more balanced to alcohol, at 6% ABV, and reasonably dry.IMG_1221 When we talk dryness we’re referring to the lack of a lingering aftertaste and while this beer is fairly bold, roasty, with notes of coffee, a cereal like depth and interesting mouth feel it doesn’t linger long once swallowed. This beer arrived out of the advent calendar with a really small, but perfect, amount of carbonation so make sure, again, to pour this one aggressively. If you’re playing along at home without a calendar of your own make sure to check out Nelson Brewing Company Black Heart as it’s quite similar overall and just as wonderful. If you’re in Alberta right now I hope you’re managing to stay warm with some winter seasonals cheers! WCBL.

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