24 Days Of Christmas – Day 4

Awesome, Yukon Brewing. Just so you all know I wake up in the morning and pull my new beer out of my advent calendar and put it in the fridge then I have to dream about it all day until I get home. This time I was particularly excited as I was born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon, home of Yukon Brewing, and I had not tried this offering before but as I pulled open the door on the calendar I knew exactly what it was just by the top of the cap. Yukon Brewing has a fairly modest mission statement which is, essentially, to brew beers that are more modest and approachable with a craft sense and dedication to quality. This motto has treated them really well and the day 4 beer is a decent departure from their modest goals.IMG_1219

’39 1/2 Foot Pole’ is the name of the beer(from the grinch song as it has the grinch stealing the north pole on the label) and it is labelled as a black currant ale. It is higher in ABV at 6.7% and while that’s not a guarantee of a more interesting beer I believe in this case it was. Pour it aggressively if you want any head this beer is perfectly carbonated but it only held a head for a short time, just long enough to take a picture and have a few sips. This beer pours a lovely golden brown and would be clear but mine was not pulled out of the fridge soon enough and has a little chill on it still. Let’s talk a little again about additives. I’m not sure the exact process used in creating this beer but it tasted brilliant. The over all flavour was well balanced and juicy I’m sure in a blind taste test I could tell something was added to it and I bet I would say berries but I could never tell what one, regardless it really added to the overall roundness of the flavour and the finish was reasonably long and had a lingering berry like after taste, absolutely wonderful. Can’t wait for tomorrow! WCBL out.

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