24 Days of Christmas – Day 2

Back Forty Brewing Company is located in Gadsden, Alabama. The mission statement is to essentially bring the flavours of craft beer to the southern states. Their Freckle Belly IPA was just made available to us here in Alberta this year and it’s a fairly solid offering. The second beer in the calendar is their Kudzu Porter. The bottle claims that fresh hops were used in the production of the beer. I wasn’t sure if that meant wet hops or dried hops so I contacted Back Forty(Hey Tripp!) to confirm they use fresh dried hops, centennial to be precise, my favourite variety. IMG_1218Mmmmmm. This is quite a lovely, milder porter with a profile rounded to the hop side of things but certainly not lacking in dynamic maltyness. I would describe this beer as an easy drinking porter but certainly a quality one. It handles an aggressive pour well so don’t be shy, pour to the centre of your glass and let the whole thing fly. I think you may be able to find this in Edmonton as their IPA is here already but if you can’t pick up Fuller’s Porter it’s a UK import that is reasonably comparable to Kudzu if a little darker. Cheers from the WCBL.

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