Tamarack Hat Trick Hop

Hello beer lovers. Happy Friday! I’d like to do a quick update about one of my new favorite beers. I would put this particular IPA in my top 5 all time favorite beers. Hat Trick Hop is brewed by Tamarack brewing out of their awesome looking brewpub in Lakeside, Montana. This particular brewery is doing everything right for my tastes. 16oz cans in a boxed 4 pack keep these beauties fresher than a spring daisy. In my opinion cans are the best way to deliver IPA, or any beer really, as freshness is key to maintaining the flavour of overly hopped beer. I salute Tamarack for investing in the extra expense of canning, trust me it is paying off in the glass.

HatTrickUnfiltered and unabashed this hop monster may not be subtle but it is SO well balanced. Look at that great dark orange colour. Let this beer settle for a while and small chunks of hops fall to the bottom of your glass. The hop profile is very much balanced to the citrus side of things with a little pine touch slightly floral on the finish that is not overly bitter(accepting for my bruised palate). Malts are rich and a little toasty with some caramel. I’m not sure if this beer is ‘bottle finished’ but either way the carbonation is perfect. Any of you out there following me that love hoppy beer have to give this sucker a taste. If you’re in the Edmonton area I’ve noticed it at Sherbrooke Liquor(of course) as well as Chateau Louis Liquor Store. Get out there beer lovers and feast on a cornucopia of hops.

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