Oh man. What a weekend. On labour day I finally got to try out a beer I’ve been dying to taste for a while now and it’s a big one. Victoria, Vancouver Island’s own Driftwood Brewing Singularity, a full bodied high ABV(11.5%) Russian Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels. Wow this sucker is dark. I poured it into my westy 12 glasses and I could only see through it right on the very edge. It wasn’t hazy at all but black through and through indicating lots of properly dark roasted malts used in the process. headThe little head it gave was an awesome colour and fairly typical of the style. This beer had very little carbonation and a really heavy, syrupy mouthfeel. Now let’s talk about mouthfeel for a moment. Espresso is, again, a prime example of this trait that is found in any liquid with a higher density than water. Especially a liquid containing carbonation, residual plant matter, residual sugars, coffee fines, etc. Think of something you can swish around in  your mouth that renders a pleasant or interesting change in the how the beverage feels. That is mouthfeel and if you want a beer with great example of mouthfeel Singularity is it. This beer has a lot of flavour to deliver. Classic stout roastyness with molasses, caramel, salty black licorice, sweet, boozy and a very nice, deep, sherry/port aftertaste. I think this is the longest I’ve taken to drink a beer ever; the high ABV and sherry flavour really lends this beer a sipping quality. This truly is a masterpiece the stellar mouthfeel and great depth of flavour is just a starting point, everything about this beer is just well done. singularityYou can taste the care that the folks at Driftwood put into it. I’ve never seen it outside of BC so if you live on the coast mail this sucker out to one of your slightly more centrally located beer loving buddies. Also as an interesting side note this beer really paired well with the home-made Vietnamese subs I was eating at the time. The sandwiches had Havarti cheese in them and the bread, cheese and beer all really played well with each other. I think this would be a great beer to pair with an aged cheddar cheese. Make sure you grab a bottle of this seasonal brew it’s a must try for anyone who enjoys beer and I suspect a few years aging would treat this beer very well.

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