Brooklyn Black OPS

Oh my GOD! This beer is so killer. Barrel aged, check. Bottle conditioned, check. Dark and roasty, check. High ABV, check. Totally awesome flavour, fuck yes. We are pretty much sold out here in Alberta on this bad ass dark masterpiece but not before I drank three myself. Take a totally wicked Russian Imperial Stout flatten/age it in Bourbon barrels then pour it into nice big champagne bottles with champagne yeast to condition and you have Brooklyn Black OPS. This beer has everything I love; high ABV, interesting mouth feel(thanks champagne yeast) and a great dark chocolate and fruit character that has just the right amount of sweetness that doesn’t overwhelm. Barrel aging is pretty popular right now but not many companies do it right. Brooklyn Brewing really dialed it in with this beer and if you get a chance to try it out you definitely should before it’s gone for this year. I know this may sound crazy but it’s totally worth the $40 a bottle as this whole package just brings something really unique to the table. There are a lot of variables to balance with this beer and it really turned out to be something special.

In my mouth please!

In my mouth please!

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