Beer! Weekend in review.

Hello my fellow beer fans. Pretty big weekend this weekend. Lots of hop bombs and something interesting from Phillips as well as a Parallel 49 collabrewation with Ninkasi that brought something I’ve never tried to the table.

First up Green Flash IIPA. Smooth and bright with high ABV at 9.3% Green Flash’s IIPA is something worth trying for sure. It’s big and bitter with a little fruityness off the hops and surprisingly light on maltyness. Not as hoppy as Green Flash West Coast IPA but still worth checking out for any serious IPA drinker even if just from a smoothness standpoint as most breweries would struggle to hide 9.3% ABV from becoming the star.

A couple of regulars and repeats this weekend as well. Dieu Du Ciel(who is certainly getting their own dedicated update) Penombre Black IPA, Deschuttes Red Chair, Lighthouse Switchback IPA and Lagunitas Hop Stoopid. Hop Stoopid is a great IPA it uses hop extracts to get its grapefruit profile therefore it has great consistency. One thing that surprised me was the ability of the Penombre to stand up to all these hop bombs, even after having the Hop Stoopid I could still taste awesome amounts of toasty malts and hops from the Penombre, amazing beer.

OMFGAnother year has passed and another anniversary ale from Phillips has been released. This year is Monkey Drummer and the Incomplete Octave. Released slightly early and coming in at a massive 11.9% ABV this west coast hop bomb is off the hook. Heavy hitting and intense is the only way to describe this bad ass brew. I mentioned on facebook about the cheap red wine finish but I don’t really mean it in a bad way and it actually compliments the finish of this brew nicely. I mean where else is nearly 12% ABV supposed to go other than lingering on the palate nicely with a tart hoppy aftertaste? Anyone that has tried Phillips other anniversary ales will love this one. Personally I thought Pandamonium was a slightly better beer it might just be my faint memory of it though as that was a while back now. Either way I highly recommend any ‘big beer’ fanatic to check this out, Dean I’m looking at you, as it’s fantastic.

RedEyeFinally an interesting surprise that came to me through my friend the barley monster at the collab I mentioned earlier by the name of Red Eye. Now this is definitely an interesting brew and that’s what I like about it. Its a lager so everything it does flavour wise is subtle excepting a goodly amount of hops. Not a lingering finish which is unique as well; what you taste on the nose is what you get on the finish. I don’t often mention pouring notes as I find classic “beerology” to be somewhat boring but this sucker pours a nice deep red colour that I haven’t seen in a long while(I mean just look at it!). Also this beer introduced me to midnight wheat a type of roasted wheat malt that added a really interesting flavour, and aroma, to the finish of this beer. Another one to add to the must try from this weekend in beer. Cheers!

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