New to me!

Check it out guys! big rock brewing has a new offering and it’s really good. big rock is my favorite Canadian macro brewery. My grandfather is personal friends with Ed McNally, the man who started the brewery so many years ago. I got my introduction to beer through this connection to big rock back in the day when they brewed cock’o the rock, big rock bitter, buzzard’s breath, cold cock and of course traditional ale. McNally’s Extra is perhaps still to this day one of my favorite beers especially when Brewmaster Bernd Pieper was at the helm. It seems recently this macro brewery is getting back to its roots offering several more interesting and limited volume brews including their new stone fired brew, Erratic. This one I stumbled on at my favorite beer shoppe this weekend. Take a look!

Been a while...

Been a while…

This deep malty brew comes with a rather interesting description. Finished on oak and includes peated malt as well as several other malts. Colour me impressed I really liked this beer. It’s definitely a malty beer not particularly bitter but really interesting and smooth beer for 7% ABV. I personally think they could have been a little more brazen with the peated malt but it is in there and you can taste it. When I started branching out from standard brews and getting more adventurous with beer drinking big rock was abandoned but they’re trying to absorb some extra capital from us craft beer drinkers and I think this is a good start. I have a bottle of their Erratic stone fired ale and after tasting this little wonder I’m really looking forward to trying it.

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