MoylanHopsickleBig Flavour! As a hop lover I must say this is one of the most interesting beers I have tasted in a while. Chinook, Columbus, Cascade and Ahtanum hops(I had to look up that last variety) as well as three different malts. While not as grapefruit-y as some of my go to hop bombs are this is a really pleasant reasonably well balanced IIPA with very bitter and deep character. At 9.2% ABV it is also a very full bodied beer that leaves you feeling great after 22 ounces. I’d like to compare this to something I’ve tried before but I’m coming up short. If anything I would say it tastes very similar to Dieu Du Ciel’s Chaman but even that is a bit of a stretch. This is a brighter profile with a definite piney hop forward nose with a long pithy finish not so much citrus and certainly not floral but very lingering in the aftertaste. If you are a hop head like myself I don’t see why you should avoid this brew it’s a must try. I purchased three when I bought this on a whim and having the third one chilling in my beer fridge is delightfully annoying.

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